Thursday, March 26

Bosko Makes Me Happy -- "Bosko's Parlor Pranks" 1934

Pure fun, and a "story" that bounces all over the place! It's Bosko's Parlor Pranks, a Happy Harmonies cartoon made by Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising in 1934.

This one's a really fun romp -- They make the most of their seven minutes with dancing and many flights of fantasy into the realms of knighthood, boxing and the Old West!

Amazing that the "I want my ice cream" is the one thing that holds the "story" together. I love the tattoo gag and the Cat-Kid and the freaky Jimmy Durante bit. And that Bosko's got mooooves!

Thanks to Animation Resources for turning me on to this wonderfully fun cartoon :)

Wednesday, March 25

Learning How to Animate Makes Me Happy

Animation Lesson: An Ub Iwerks Walk Cycle Tutorial! Included are pics to supplement this lesson--study the key poses (1,...

John K's blog is a treasure trove of classic animation lessons! You can find them at: and (in reverse order)

Monday, March 23

Cubby Bear Makes Me Happy -- "Barking Dogs" is a surreal fun masterpiece of weirdo 1930's cartoon fun

Now THIS is a cartoon -- it's got romance, melodrama, and a reeeaaaly bad bad-guy. But most importantly, it's filled with off-the-wall sight gags and a surreal approach to just about everything.

OK, it's really impossible to describe. But if you watch it, it will make you happy!

Cubby Bear in "Barking Dogs."

You can find this on DVD in "The Golden Age of Cartoons: The Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear" -- to find it on Amazon, CLICK HERE

Saturday, March 21

"Grandma's Pet" Makes me Happy

Here's a ridiculously great Oswald cartoon from Walter Lantz and Bill Nolan: "Grandma's Pet" Filled with pure entertainment, great posing and fantastic compositions. A true master-class in cartooning if you take the time to really drink it all in :)

Wednesday, February 9

Amazingly FUN 1929 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon -- Permanent Wave

Amazing 1929 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from Lantz studios animated by the great Bill Nolan. Bustin' out with old-school cartoon fun all over. Yippee!

The storm sequence starting at 05:40 is mindblowingly FUN stuff!

Click the image above to jump to this scene

...and finally, here's another copy of the video: